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Woods / Materials

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Dark Wood Burls
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Afzelia Sapwood Burl ($10.00)
Asian Ironwood Burl ($5.00)
Asian Redwood Burl ($10.00)
Birdseye Salmon Gum Burl ($5.00)

Black Ash Burl ($5.00)
Black Morrel Burl ($5.00)
Black Walnut Root Burl ($5.00)
Blue Maple Burl ($10.00)

Brown Mallee Burl ($5.00)
Brown Maple Burl ($10.00)
Buckeye Burl ($5.00)
Bulgarian Walnut Burl ($10.00)

Camphor Burl ($5.00)
Canoe Wood Burl ($10.00)
Chechen Burl ($10.00)
Cinnamon Burl ($10.00)

Coolibah Burl ($5.00)
Corrugata Burl ($5.00)
Curly Birdseye Maple Burl ($5.00)
Desert Ironwood Burl ($15.00)

Dogwood Burl ($5.00)
English Elm Burl
English Walnut Burl ($5.00)
Gimlet Burl ($10.00)

Gmelia Burl ($10.00)
Green Mallee Burl ($5.00)
Green Maple Burl ($10.00)
Hond Rosewd Burl,w Sapwd ($30.00)

Hond Rosewood Burl ($40.00)
Hond. Rosewd Burl,w Sapwd ($30.00)
Hond. Rosewood Burl ($40.00)
Horistes Mallee Burl ($10.00)

Jarrah Burl ($5.00)
Lace Sheoak Burl ($5.00)
Lacewood Burl ($5.00)
Logwood Burl

Madrone Burl ($5.00)
Mai Kair Burl ($10.00)
Mia Pradoo Burl ($5.00)
Pradauk Burl

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