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There is nothing better than to give a loved one a custom gift, be it a hand-made wood turned pen, a miniature birdhouse, or any other crafted items of your choice.

We at Grapevine Woods offer you the ability to own or gift someone something truly special from our selection of many items, all hand made from domestic and/or exotic woods with great care. Our items can be unique presents to yourself or others, a real treat that stand the taste of time and are above all mass-produced items because they are one of a kind.

Why do we create these items? We make them out of a love to give birth to something beautiful and share it with the world, out of the desire to make people happy with our creations and share a little of joy with our craftsmanship. Some of the items showcased here are ones we made for our clients or friends, to fulfill their specific requests and needs. They are here to serve as examples of what we could offer you hand-made objects that stand out from the other mass-produced items you see on the market.

The majority of the offers you see here are available for immediate purchase. We can also make arrangements to make you one of our wood turned pens or other items from other woods and materials than the ones currently displayed, for your convenience just contact us.

All our products are created with fine craftsmanship, and are easy on the eyes and beautiful to the touch. We use high-quality domestic woods and other materials to make all kinds of items, from wood turned pens to miniature birdhouses, box sets, and music boxes. We take great care in selecting our materials so that the final product is free of defects, and has the best shape, texture and colouring. Although our primary medium is wood, we also use acrylics and other things such as deer antlers, ivory, stones, snakeskins and many others to create unique objects.

All the objects we make can be engraved or customized to fit your needs, and even without this, they are all unique: no piece of wood is alike. Thus, no two of our engraved wood items are truly the same. Buying from us means that you will surely get something original and one of a kind.

The engraving we do is laser-based, and is provided on a complimentary basis when appropriate. Some materials might not be suited for engraving, but we are sure to let you know when that is the case in a note on the item page. The laser machine we use can also be utilized for other tasks, such as glass etching. Engraving is ideal for when you want to mark the object with a message, or just to make it yours (or theirs). However, please consider the fact that we dont offer engraving services for items not made by us.

Any hand-made domestic wood item you buy from us, you can be sure of its quality. You can feel our love for our craft pouring through it as you touch it, and you can rest assured of its uniqueness. By giving one of our creations as a gift, you will not only impress that person, but also give them something to remember you by that will stand out from all the other items in their house.

In a world of mass-produced gifts, where you can never be sure when you will encounter someone who has the same item as you, our services are a breath of fresh air. We work together to creat unique wood turned pens, boxes, and other decorative items that will stand out. No product of ours is the same as the other, and that will come to you as a reassurance that our items have intrinsic value due to their uniqueness. They will not be tossed aside knowing you can buy another one like it the next day: your gift will be treasured with the thought you took the time and cared enough to buy something special, and not just another random thing in a store.

We can make a vast array of custom items, so just contact us so we can see what we can do for you. From custom boxes, wood turned pens, or eccentric miniature birdhouses, we cover a wide selection of objects that you can buy for yourself or use as gifts.

We work with you closely during the creation process to make sure the final product is as you envisioned it.

We are always prompt and on time, having honed the skill of great quality that comes with speed after years of working in this field.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at to discuss details, pricing, and anything else on your mind regarding our products!

Simply put, we offer you the ability to own or gift a custom-made, high quality hand-turned or laser-engraved item of your choice. A few moments browsing our pages will reveal the many items that we have developed over the years.

The majority of items that you see here are available for immediate purchase. However, if youd like to see one of our pens or other items made from one of the other woods or materials you see displayed, let us know and we can make arrangements. No two pieces of wood are alike, so each of our hundreds of items is a unique creation.

The remainder of items shown here are ones we have made for other customers or friends to fulfill their specific requests. They are displayed here as samples of what we may be able to do in order to meet your needs.

Our primary medium is wood; however, we also have many acrylics and other special materials to provide you with a custom-made item. Check out our woods and materials section to view our selection of materials.

Laser engraving on items we produce in our shop is provided on a complimentary basis when appropriate. There are some materials and/or designs that are not well-suited for engraving, and are noted as such. Our laser engraving machine can also be used to complete other tasks, such as glass etching. We do NOT offer laser engraving on items from other sources.

Our motivation at GrapevineWoods.com is our love for creating unique, high quality items, and our goal is that youll be able to find that perfect gift here, whether it be a gift for yourself or a loved one. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our products or capabilities.