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This name plaque was custom designed and crafted. The name letters were cut from Bloodwood, with the background wood cut from Poplar, and the backing cut from Walnut. The pirate ship is also Walnut, with sails of Curly Maple, and the Jolly Roger flag is made of Macassar Ebony and Curly Maple, The parrot’s beak and claws were cut from Brazilian Pernambuco, and his eye is Curly Maple. The parrot’s chest and the starfish were cut from Yellowheart. The other parts of the parrot, the dolphins, and the palm trees were cut from different colors of Dyed Curly Maple. The treasure chest was cut from Cedar. The island is also Walnut. With the exception of the dyed Curly Maple parts, no paints, stains or dyes were used to achieve the different coloring; these are the natural colors of the woods. Only a light coating of wax was used as a surface finish.