M3 White Mokume Statesman Rollerball



A rhodium & black titanium plated Statesman rollerball with both barrels featuring an extremely interesting prouct called Mokume-Gane. Price includes an extra charge for the unique material. Mokume-Gane (pronounced Moe-koo-may Gah-nay) is the ancient Japanese metal working technique where layers of contrasting color metals such as copper, brass, nickel silver, gold, and silver are fusion welded with very high heat and pressure into one solid block of metal. Traditional Mokume-Gane is extremely rare and sells for hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a very small quantity. The blank for this pen is not traditional Mokume-Gane, but is made up of 95% of the real metal that has been atomized down to the molecular level and combined with special chemical binders to form a new composite material called M3 (short for MacroMolecular Metal). M3 is an exciting new space age material that has been used for the skin of the Space Shuttle, the Stealth Bomber and the International Space Station. It is electronically depleted so that it will not conduct electricity or promote electrolysis allowing for new metal alloys that are not otherwise possible in nature. Although M3 does not cost thousands I use it only on the larger and more valuable pens due to cost and time involved in turning the material.