First project of 2017 is a 6″ x 4″ segmented (81 pieces) bowl made from Cocobolo with sapwood. Cocobolo grows in Mexico and Central America where the tree is small to medium in size, and it matures to 45-60 feet with a trunk of 18-24″ diameter.

I bought this piece of cocobolo with the hope of getting enough wood from the lower section so that the bowl would have one ring that was totally sapwood (lighter color) inside & outside and all of the other rings could be cut so that the normal cocobolo bright colors would be on the outside but the inside would be all sapwood.

Until the lumber is cut it is not possible to know the thickness throughout – I had just enough lumber to build it as planned, but unfortunately once turned some pieces were just not thick enough in coloring to maintain the design. Upside is that it is still a rather bright colored bowl.